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Hey! I'm Paula.

Me, sitting on a chairMe, sitting on a chair

About me

I am currently studying interaction design and have a bachelor's degree in applied theatre studies.

What connects these topics?

For me, the two studies complement each other. It's about working with and for people, creating experiences that appeal to people, arouse emotions and convey information or impressions.

Working method

I develop concepts with a user-centred design process. An agile research and conception phase that leads to a coherent overall concept is particularly important to me. The focus is always on the user's problem to be solved.

In order to achieve an enriching solution, I make use of every goal-oriented technological possibility. I want to use the potential of virtual environments in a meaningful way. This often results in a combination of analogue and digital applications. I highly value interdisciplinary work and collective thinking. It opens up discussions, changes of perspective and a wide-ranging professional process, which allows the goal to be more perfected.

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I am motivated by making technologies more accessible, building a bridge between user and product and making knowledge and experience easily accessible.


Figma, XD, Protopie, Miro, After Effects, Rhino, PremierePro, Webflow, InDesign, Illustrator, Blender, Cinema 4D, Spark AR, Character Animator, HTML/CSS/JavaScript - Github, Arduino, Reaper, Audition, (Unreal Engine)


German, English, French


Rimini Protokoll - “Adolf Hitler: MeinKampf, Band 1&2”
SheShePop - “50 Grades of Shame”
Polyphon Pictures, ARD/Degeto - “Über die Grenzen - Alles auf eine Karte”
Goethe-Institute Yaoundé Cultural Programme Department

Festival organisation

Exhibition of Applied Theatre Science “Theatermaschine 2017”
Discourse festival (Art, Performance, Science)
“Never Again”

Assistant Director

Luise Kautz - “Pelléas et Mélisande”

Academic papers

Bachelor thesis
"The Hybrid Game-Spatiality of Location-Based Games - The Game "Mindbombs" of the Project 'Gameon2025'"
Term Paper
"Imagination as Stage Setting of Pen & Paper Games - Efficient Construction of Virtual Worlds."


Game formats are a significant interest of mine. I like to play board and video games, but I also deal with the subject theoretically.
I like to travel, go to museums, festivals and take part in various project formats. I also like to be in nature (gardening, camping...), enjoy various handicrafts, try out new recipes when cooking and listen to audio books and podcasts.

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